Pyramid Square of Tirana


Tirana Architecture Week and the Albanian Ministry of Culture invite architects and architecture students up to 40 years old in an open ideas competition for the Pyramid Square of Tirana. Positioned in an emblematic location, formally a symbol of Communist Heritage in Albania this space in the present day has no future and identity, placed where most of the significant historical periods of the city overlap the organic origin from the authoritarian regime through 20 years of transition. A solution for a harmonious coexistence is yet to be found.







Type: Competition [ 1st Prize ]

"Lost Architecture - [En]Visioning New City Squares"

Tirana Architecture Week 2014

Date: 2014

Location: Tirana, Albania

Project Team: Naiji Jiao, Xiru Chen

The site of Pyramid Square as a whole needs an urgent redefinition,which will make it a civic attraction, rejuvenating the city center. The center of Tirana has experienced a successive developments under the impacts of different regimes. It has served as a means of expressing political visions and ideologies. With the political and economic transformations in the past decades, the role of  Tirana city center needs to be transformed from a single community serving land to serve public in a multi-functional manner. The strategy is to open up the Pyramid Square, including the building itself, transforming the symbolic yet solemn site into a welcoming city park – The Pyramid Park. This former exclusive site, a mystical land shrouded with memories, will be redefined as a people’s parkland and exposed to public thoroughly in a way to celebrate the new urban lifestyle yet not to forget about the past. With the remarkable built form and historical value, the Pyramid itself will perform to public as a massive sculpture with the existing main structures being completely preserved. With the rearrangement of landscape, the former isolated pyramid will be embraced into a green land. The preserved existing structures will perform both as a sculpture and a multi-function activity center.


The underground level of the Pyramid will be exposed and redefined as a monumental space. With the amphitheater ramping down to the underground level, it can be easily accessed. The ground level will be used as an activity space for the major public gathering. The second and third floor will sever as amulti-purpose space. The Pyramid Park is a great public destination. From daily uses to special events, the new park will accommodate variety of activities. The multi-purpose lawn in the park can accommodate events like music festival, outdoor film night, marketing events, and etc. While public speeches, monumental events, exhibitions can be held within the pyramid structure. Open spaces, amphitheater, playground, sports land are programmed into the park for daily uses.

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